Human Change and Communications

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Human Change and Communications

Marketing isn't a dirty word. It's simply awareness for your customers and employees.​​

Using proven strategies, MI Compass Services will create internal awareness of your project or change initiatives. 

Communicating seems so simple. It's the fiber of all we do, but building and executing effective content is hard work.​​

Employing an integrated communications strategy, MI Compass Services will craft the right messaging for your audience.

Employee development is critical. And  skill development consistently ranks high for employees.

Let MI Compass Services design and deliver the change and communication skills training your staff needs. 

Change is complex. And poorly managed change costs you in resistance, turnover, and project failure. ​​​

​Leveraging industry best practices, MI Compass Services will customize a solid strategy for your next project.​

Human Change and Communications

Change & communication consulting 

We all need external input. Being too close to a change or project doesn't allow for an objective view. ​​

MI Compass Services will offer valuable insight and coaching to help your initiatives succeed.

Are your donors/customers and employees satisfied? Employee and customer satisfaction co-exist in success.

MI Compass Services will collect feedback and create a change plan that's right for your business or organization.